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Root Beer Floats for the Holidays

- (Friday, November 21, 2014)

Root Beer Floats are a great way to celebrate the holidays. It makes a quick, easy drink or dessert for your guests.  There are many ways you can go with a Root Beer Float, or a Black Cow, as they are called in some parts of the country.  

Our favorite is the classic, good old fashioned Root Beer Float, made in a frosty mug with Tower Root Beer and a good, solid vanilla ice cream. Our favorite is Brigham’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. It’s an easy recipe. Freeze a beer mug in your freezer for about an hour or more to give it a nice frosted look. Fill about three quarters of the way with root beer, and add a healthy scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, a long-handled spoon and a straw.  Voila! Great, easy dessert.

One of our Tower Root Beer fans (yes Henry, I’m talking about YOU!) likes to substitute Brigham’s Big Dig Ice Cream for the vanilla ice cream, which is delicious in its own way, and has become a family favorite around our house.

An adult version of this would be to mix a little Bailey’s Irish Cream and crushed ice into the root beer before adding vanilla ice cream – a delicious way to finish a holiday meal!  Other suggestions for mixers are bourbon cream, Kahlua, or vanilla vodka. Some fans mix one or more of these into root beer to taste with crushed ice, then add ice cream and love the results.

Another twist on the Root Beer Float is to use our Tower Cream Soda in place of root beer, with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, or a scoop of Brigham’s Big Dig. The kids will love it. Whatever your choice, we know you will enjoy your float!  Happy Holidays!