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Quenching Boston's Thirst Since 1914


Prospect Hill Beverages, LLC reintroduces Tower Root Beer to the New England area using the original family recipe. Originally bottled and distributed by Prospect Hill Bottling and Soda Water Co., Tower Root Beer was first established in Somerville, MA in 1914. Domenick Cusolito, who immigrated to the United States from Salina, Italy and settled in the Boston area, established Prospect Hill Bottling and Soda Water Co. with his brother Felix and cousin Joe. After World War II, Domenick's sons, Richard, Jack and Paul, assumed the responsibility for the management and operation of the family business through the 1970's. After a 30-year absence from the market, Larry Cusolito is heading up a third generation of the family, reintroducing Tower Root Beer and other premium soft drinks to the New England region.

  • Root Beer

    Tower Root Beer, established as a hugely popular New England favorite since the early 1900's, is a rich old-time root beer.

    Diet Root Beer

    For the root beer lovers that can't have sugar, our diet is a fantastic substitute for our popular regular root beer.

    Cream Soda

    Tower Cream Soda has a deliciously sweet vanilla flavor that will bring you back to the soda fountain days of old

  • Ginger Ale

    Tower Golden Ginger Ale is a hearty golden with a rich ginger flavor and a spicy finish.

    Ginger Beer

    Tower Ginger Beer, for the serious ginger lover, is delicious on its own or as a mixer.

    Root Beer

    It will bring you back to the days of popping bottles in your basement from your family's home-brewed root beer.